In our last post, we covered how corporate events and company parties can be powerful tools to strengthen your business. Today, we’re covering five more great reasons to get your next office party on the calendar ASAP! Read on to learn more, and when you’re ready to plan the perfect event, contact the Party Trailers event entertainment team to check availability for our all-inclusive, party-in-a-box party trailers!

1. Motivate and Celebrate Your Employees

In our last post, we discussed how company parties can boost overall employee morale by giving your staff something to look forward to. It’s been well-documented that people are more positive and productive when working toward a tangible goal, so a future company party can often be a great incentive for higher levels of productivity.

Additionally, this is a great way to show your appreciation to your team for all the work they’ve done to improve and advance your company. Celebrate your employees — they are the backbone of any organization, and they will appreciate your appreciation.

2. Improve Interdepartmental Communication

Does it sometimes feel like your company has great communication and culture within individual departments, but something is lost in translation between teams? This can be especially challenging for large or growing organizations — teams become siloed and become inefficient trying to troubleshoot on their own instead of streamlining projects by collaborating with co-workers in other departments.

A company celebration is a great way to give your staff the opportunity to mingle and build professional relationships with people they wouldn’t normally see during the workday. Stronger social relationships can improve overall company communication, efficiency, culture, and employee satisfaction, so this is an investment in your staff that can earn tangible results for your business!

3. Boost Your Reputation With Employee Advocacy

In our last post, we discussed the “buzz” value of hosting any kind of large company event and giving attendees the opportunity to post to social media with an event hashtag. But a corporate party can do more than create conversation — it can boost your business’s overall reputation.

Imagine this: your employees having a blast at the big company bash, posting happy photos smiling and laughing with their co-workers. Images like this make your company look great! Often, this kind of good organic PR can improve employee loyalty and advocacy, attract better hiring candidates, and boost your clients’ confidence and trust in your team.

4. Receive a Tax Write-Off

Did you know that most company parties are 100% tax-deductible on a business return? According to Turbo Tax, “businesses can fully deduct the cost of office parties and outings held for the benefit of its employees.” When it comes to taxes, every little bit counts, and this is a win-win for employees and employers alike: your staff will feel appreciated and motivated, and the company can earn more on tax-deductible expenditures at the end of the fiscal year.

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