Look, we aren’t going to pretend that we don’t look for every little opportunity to throw a party here at Party Trailers. Summer solstice? Let’s have a bash. Favorite artist released a new album? Bust out the karaoke machine. Just got through a rough week at work? Sounds like it’s party time! We believe something great happens when people get together to celebrate, and we love getting to be a part of that with our all-inclusive party-in-a-box party trailers.

Even if we look for excuses to celebrate whenever and wherever we can, it turns out that it’s not all fun and games — as an event entertainment company that’s thrown many a corporate bash, we know first-hand that company parties can be an effective tool to strengthen your business. In today’s post, we’re going over five reasons to start planning your next corporate party sooner rather than later. Read on to learn more, and if you’re interested in renting our party trailers for your corporate event, feel free to contact us to check our available dates!

1. Boost Employee Morale

If you want your employees to feel more confident and enthusiastic about your business, hosting a fun company party is a great way to start! It can break up the monotony of the day-to-day workplace schedule and give your employees something to look forward to.

Additionally, human connection is powerful, and giving your staff the opportunity to relax and enjoy each others’ company in a context outside of work can improve overall company satisfaction. This is important for your business since happier employees lead to increased productivity, lower turnover, better attention to detail, and higher company loyalty.

2. Create New Business Relationships

A company party can not only improve relationships between your staff, but also present a powerful opportunity to build relationships with potential clients or business partners. There’s a reason most networking events are built around “mingling”: socializing in a more informal setting is a great way to create strong business relationships.

3. Generate Buzz and Brand Recognition

Hosting any kind of event will generate buzz, whether that’s over social media, within your industry, or in your local community. Take advantage of this opportunity to build your brand recognition!

It’s 2019, and you can be sure your employees are active on social media. Give them the opportunity to take photos and post them with an event hashtag to create a sense of online community and boost your online visibility!

4. Release Company News or Products

Are you looking for an opportunity to roll out new products or release important company news? Create the perfect release platform by hosting a corporate event! Your network or clients are more likely to be invested in (and act on) your news if they feel they have been given “insider” status at a company party. A well-timed event can reduce the chances of your announcement fizzling out and increase the chances of it making an impact!

Rent a Party Trailer for Your Corporate Event!

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