What areas do you serve? +

We currently serve residents in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa.

Are power outlets available for use in the party trailer? +

Yes! We have outlets available for phones and other small electronics.

What is your severe weather policy? +

If you experience severe weather on the day of your event, resulting in a cancellation, we will give you full credit to go towards your next event.

Is satellite TV available in the party trailers? +

Definitely. We have two 50-inch televisions with satellite TV and NFL Sunday Ticket.

Can I play my own music? +

You absolutely can! We have Bluetooth capabilities so that you can play music from any Bluetooth capable device.

Does the rental fee include special event parking? +

Yes, our rental fee includes parking for the event.

Do you provide alcohol? +

No, we do not. But, we do have CO2 for taps and coolers for drinks. Just ask your Party Trailer staff for hookups.

Do you provide food? +

We don’t provide food, but we do work with an awesome group of caterers. Let us know if you would like assistance with catering.

Do you provide pro-bono services for nonprofit fundraisers? +

We do. We work with a variety of charity organizations. Contact us if you would like to know more.

When does the allotted party time begin? +

The paid part of the event starts at the time you requested, however, we will show up early to set up at no additional charge to you.

Can I rent multiple party trailers at once? +

This service is coming soon! Check back to learn more.

What is the cutoff date for adding more guests? +

Contact our helpful Party Trailers staff to learn more.

How many members of the Party Trailers staff can I expect at my event? +

The number of staff members depends on the package you choose for your event. If you have any questions, be sure to contact Party Trailers!

Contact us today if you have any other questions, or if you would like to book your Party Trailer.