What’s Included vs. What’s Not Included





Concierge Attendants
Memory Planner
Gaming Systems
Cooler/Keg Taps
PA System
Non-Alcoholic Drinks
PRICE (50 vs 100 people)
$2000 / $3000
$1000 / $1150
$600 / $750


Fun For All Ages!

Graduation parties can be tricky. Unless you want to have the stress of planning a party for family and a party for friends, you may be stuck having to find a way to entertain both at the same time. The older members of your family may not enjoy the same entertainment as your friends, which can cause stress as you try to plan ways to please both groups.

Luckily, Party Trailers has the perfect graduation party entertainment for all! Nobody can resist the lure of karaoke, and if singing isn’t appealing, then each of our party trailers also offers a variety of other games like jumbo Jenga! Between karaoke, our dual gaming systems, and our other party activities, soon everyone will be crowding around our party trailer begging for a piece of the action. When you hire us for your graduation party, you can rest assured that we’ve got your graduation party entertainment covered.

Check out when Party Trailers is available for your graduation party! We offer our entertainment services for Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa. Check out our graduation party packages and contact us to reserve your party trailer today!